How can i improve my credit score?
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When seeking mortgage financing for a property purchase, having a solid credit record is essential. But what should you do if your credit report has been damaged? Here are three simple and effective tips to quickly improve your credit score.

What has affected my credit score?

You can’t fix a problem without understanding its cause. Before you can start repairing your credit report, you must first analyze what has affected it. To do this, you can turn to one of the two main credit reporting agencies:

Subscribing to one of these services, temporarily, can be a useful tool to gain a comprehensive view of your financial situation. Once you’ve chosen which agency to work with, follow a few simple steps.


1. Create an account

Validate the personal information in your report to ensure it’s up-to-date and make necessary changes if needed.

2. Analyze what has negatively affected your credit score

The credit report will provide precise details about your loans, credit cards, and other outstanding debts, as well as information about past payments, recent credit inquiries, and delinquent accounts. With electronic alerts, you can be notified of any changes to your account and take immediate action to address the situation. It’s the first step toward a fresh financial start!

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The Importance of Meeting Billing Deadlines

Paying bills on time is a key factor in maintaining a good credit score. If you’re struggling to meet your current debts and find it difficult to pay all your bills by the end of the month, don’t panic. There are solutions!

The first step is to complete a budget sheet to note the amounts of each account and become aware of our financial responsibilities. We recently published an article where you can find our completely free budget sheet. You can read it here →

Consolidating debts can be an option to obtain a lower interest rate and have only one monthly payment. You can approach a financial institution or work with a private lender for this purpose. This allows you to address any overdue bills and credits that have accumulated. You can then leave the past behind and focus on managing your future budget.

Beware of Credit Cards!

Using a credit card to make purchases in stores has become commonplace. It’s practical and beneficial for building your credit history when used properly. However, credit cards can become a source of financial trouble when you can’t pay the full balance.

You might believe that there’s no impact on your credit score as long as you make the minimum payment at the end of the month, but the reality is not that simple. Firstly, interest on purchases accumulates quickly and surreptitiously. That beautiful new sofa that initially cost $2000 can easily end up costing twice as much if you only make the minimum required payment on the statement.

A high debt-to-credit ratio can indicate financial pressure and harm your credibility with lenders. The key goal for optimal credit: Pay the full charges applied to our credit cards each month, so the balance returns to $0. If that’s not possible at the moment, try to keep the balance below 35% of the available amount. For example, for a card with a $5000 limit, aim not to exceed $1750.

Finally, exceeding the credit limit directly affects your credit score. Some financial institutions offer electronic alerts when a certain available amount is reached. It’s a free and convenient service to keep an eye on our finances.



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On the Road to an Optimal Credit score

In summary, the three crucial steps to optimize your credit profile are as follows:

  1. Understand what has affected your credit.
  2. Implement a solution to address any payment delays.
  3. Look ahead and equip yourself with tools to better manage your finances.

By following these three pieces of advice, your credit score will gradually improve over the months, and the accompanying financial stress will diminish.

While waiting for your profile to become eligible with banks, there’s no need to worry! There are solutions such as lease-to-own and buyback that allow you to continue improving your credit profile without giving up on your real estate projects.

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