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Option Proprio is here to help you confidently achieve your real estate projects! With accessible alternative financing options like lease-to-own, buyback, and private lending, our team supports you in acquiring or retaining your property.

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Live in your rented home, optimize your credit score and become an owner later through conventional financing.



Stay in the comfort of your home, stabilize your financial situation, and repurchase your property at the end of the contract.

Private mortgage

Private mortgage

Don’t miss out on a real estate opportunity! Quick and efficient, private lending is an alternative option to traditional financial institutions.

Who can benefit from our services?

60-day notice – Foreclosure notice

Have you received a 60-day notice? Time is running out, and you certainly don’t want to leave your home. We have the expertise to quickly assist you with our real estate rescue option, allowing you to stay in your home while freeing yourself from creditors.

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Debt Issues – Adverse Credit

Certain events have disrupted your finances, and your financial institution has rejected your mortgage loan application. Whether you have high levels of debt, a bankruptcy, or a consumer proposal, Option Proprio provides solutions to improve your credit record.

Entrepreneurs – Self-Employed Individuals

You have recently made the leap into the world of entrepreneurship, and your borrowing power is temporarily affected with financial institutions. We can offer you alternative options to move forward with your real estate projects without having to wait!

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Newcomers to Quebec

First of all, welcome to Canada! You’re getting starting in a new country and looking for your dream home. But since you’re not a permanent resident and you haven’t established credit, you can’t get a conventional mortgage from the bank. We’ll be happy to help you secure your future home.

A straightforward and speedy financing process!




Our online prequalification form gives us the information we need about your situation and needs, so we can guide you to the next step.

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Virtual meeting

During this first meeting, we’ll explain our services in more detail and discuss how we can help you.

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Starting the process

It’s time to take action! We’ll draw up a personalized plan and sign the contract so we can get to work on our mission: having you sleeping soundly in the comfort of your home.

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